Is a leading software testing service supplier. The firm offers over 20 testing services, being able to cover absolutely all testing needs. Its professionals have deep knowledge and experience in various fields: finance, e-commerce, banking, education, entertainment, healthcare, telecommunications, aviation, tourism, natural resources and others.

Its strong QA team can start testing any project within 24 hours. The firms is great for any company as it provides the proper combination of team technical skills, business process understanding, industry specific knowledge, professionally built processes and testing methodologies.

The firm has tested over 945. It has 125 talented testers and over 68 clients all over the world. Over the years, it has tested 130 mobile apps and found over 23557 bugs. Overall, it has executed over 3568997 tests.

The firm provides mobile app testing services, which are performed in order to guarantee the quality of mobile software products, which are tested on several mobile platforms.

Also, it provides automated software testing services. Automation engineers at TestMatick use well-known structural approaches for selecting tests to automate, and for the actual test automation process, which can also be used for regression testing.

When it comes to software performance testing services, the QA specialists and consultants at TestMatick use the latest and most effective load testing, stress testing, and performance testing methods during performance testing.

Testmatick specializes in software testing and is a reputable quality assurance company. During its six-year period in the market, it has become known for providing professional and independent feedback on software quality by performing adequate testing services.

As part of its testing and quality assurance services, the firm checks the quality of various mobile, desktop and web applications; estimates the work scope; recommends the types of testing required for the project; develops test plans, test procedures and test cases; selects the most suitable tools for testing, conducts automated testing and instructs the client's employees on the use of automated tests; provides detailed and informative error reports and gives advice on software testing and quality assurance.

Clients and partners highly appreciate cooperation with Testmatick because it adapts each testing process to the requirements of the customer and adjusts it to the individual goals and desires of the client.

If you want to contact the firm, you can call its offices at +38 (063) 50 74 707, send an email to contact@testmatick.com, or visit the office at St. Priportovaya, 42/1, Cherkasy, 18016, in Ukraine.

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