SoapUI is a tool that aims to accelerates API quality through Testing. The tool is powered by SmartBear. Whether commercial or open source, SmartBear testing tools facilitates the design, creation, management and execution of end-to-end tests on SOAP, REST& GraphQL APIs, JDBC, JMS, and other web services, which allows companies to deliver software faster than ever.

SoapUI is Open Source, which allows testers and developers to deliver SOAP, REST and GraphQL APIs in a faster and more efficient way. SoapUI Open Source is the easiest and simplest way to initiate your API testing journey.

Then, ReadyAPI, which is formerly SoapUI Pro, is the perfect tool to fit and automate API testing into your team's ongoing delivery pipeline. This tool is great to validate REST, microservices, SOAP, GraphQL and other back-end services.

The company SmartBear has been ranked number one in test automation solutions for many years. At the company, they focus on the number one priority for most companies: quality. They know that delivering great quality software over and over is not an easy task. Therefore, their tools are designed to streamline your process while effortlessly working with the products you are currently using, as well as those you will use in the future. They span from API lifecycle, test automation, collaboration, test management, performance testing and more.

The company´s philosophy is to not only embrace open source, but openness overall, which includes equity, diversity and inclusion. And it's by this principle that they make their tools easy to try, buy and integrate. The company´s tools are used by over 15 million testers, developers and operations engineers at more than 24,000 organizations - including huge businesses like Adobe, Microsoft, JetBlue and FedEx. Wherever you're going, the firm will help you get there.

The firm´s mission is to be the primary choice for software development teams of all kinds and sizes - providing them unique tools to instantly impact the delivery of tomorrow's applications.

It is worth noting that over the years the company has received several awards that confirm its professionalism. The last one was the IoT Breakthrough Award, received in 2022. Before that, in October 2021, the company received an award for its global corporative giving initiatives by TrustRadius. Another important one was in September 2021, when the company was awarded the Best in API Infrastructure by the organization API World, as it plays an important role in the growth of the API economy.

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