TryMyUI is a website that offers remote usability testing services. First of all, you have to set up your test, which implies writing a list of tasks that you expect users to perform on your website. Then, you have to pick your target user by choosing from an extensive array of demographic factors in order to appropriately find the right users. Then, you can collect videos to see and hear what users are doing and thinking, in order to understand where they're getting stuck.

This is extremely useful if you have no time for usability testing. At the company they know that analyzing user testing videos takes a lot of time. However, with their Collaborative Analysis suite, turning user information into product action is easy and fast. With the company´s services you can divide and conquer your results. Then, you simply share key findings efficiently to keep your team up to speed. Collaborative Analysis is great to save time, and it gets all the team directly engaged in user data.

You can also scale up your research with crowdsourcing. The UXCrowd is useful to aggregate and rank usability insights with crowd voting. This allows you to immediately see which issues were most relevant to users. By running more and more tests, you will be able to find the big issues faster in order to take faster action to improve your website, aided by the crowd´s wisdom.

In case you prefer, you can also use your own testers. If you hire the company´s enterprise and team plans, you own testers can use TryMyUI's usability testing software for $399 a month.

Regarding mobile testing, you can easily test your mobile app or website with its all-in-one mobile testing solution. With TryMyUI, receiving usability feedback on mobile is very easy. Start testing right now to understand where your users are getting stuck, lost or confused. It takes only a few minutes to set up your first test, and you can try it for free.

For over a decade, TryMyUI has offered a vigorous set of remote unmoderated usability testing tools. Also, with the app you can run moderated tests with its panel of professional testers, or even with your own users.

Testers will join a virtual waiting room on your moderated testing day and time. Once you start each new moderated session, you will be able to send an invite for each tester.

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