Cigniti claims to be the Globe´s Leading Independent Software Testing Company. The company is publicly listed in Bombay stock exchange, and its headquarters are located at Irving, Texas. The company started being a three-member team, and now its a multimillion dollar company with offices in three continents. The company´s vision is to be the globe´s most respected and largest Software Testing business.

At Cigniti, they redefine Software testing. The company has over a decade offering testing services and it is formed by a growing team of passionate people. It aims to build a better world through better software. For that, they believe that testing is essential. Its market driven testing approach is extremely helpful for clients to identify and eliminate redundancies in processes, infrastructure and costs, while ensuring faster and smoother applications.

At the company, they know that software has become an integral part of every member´s live. Its vision is to help businesses improve software quality, which may later be delivered worldwide. Taking into consideration that over 40% of the software development investment are spent in testing, the company hopes to make its mark in the IT industry by focusing on this niche. It aims to be leaders in software testing by combining offshore test execution, onsite consulting and application of frameworks and tools that help reduce the amount of post release errors in a faster way.

The company has worked with many Global 2000 and Fortune 500 across 13 countries. It has offered them a wide range of its Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering solutions. 92% of its clients rated them 4/4 in the most important client satisfaction surveys that the company routinely conducts. It is worth noting that the analyst firm Everest Group ranked the company as the best Independent Testing Services in 2016 in its PEAK Matrix.

Some of its most important clients include Cipla, Ricoh, Synovus, LGE, Ryanair, Snapdeal, ALFA Insurance, Air Asia, Southwest, AccentCare, Medecision, AstraZeneca and Wales & West Utilities.

Among its partners, it is worth noting that the company works along with the most important vendors in the software testing ecosystem, in order to adequately co-create solutions. The company partners with tool vendors, which allows them to provide cost-effective solutions. Through its advisory services, the company understands the client's QA maturity, adequately identifying gaps in their practices and processes, and then proposing the best solutions to close each of those gaps.

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