Aspire Systems

For any company that creates and markets digital products, it is important to have the right plan to promote its quality. The purpose of software testing is to provide information on the analyzed product┬┤s quality, both in the incidents found and in the possible risks. In this work, software testers analyze and propose opportunities to improve the product, the process and the team.

Aspire Systems is a worldwide technology services company serving as a reliable technology partner for its customers. It works with independent software vendors as well as with many companies among the world's most innovative firms, helping them leverage outsourcing and technology in its specific areas of expertise. Its services include Enterprise Solutions, Product Engineering, IT Infrastructure Support services and Independent Testing Services. Its core philosophy of being always attentive communicates its belief in lavishing attention and care on its employees and customers.

Its customers include some Fortune 500 enterprises, as well as some VC funded start-ups. The company provides a wide range of services for its customers across specific selected domains. As a middle-sized organization, it is the best choice for customers who look for reliable technology service providers.

As most people know, a policy is a thoughtful system of principles that guide all decisions within a company in order to achieve rational outcomes. At Aspire, its policy is a statement of intent, which is implemented as a detailed protocol framed by a governance body inside the organization. At Aspire, they believe in quality management, information security, CSR and privacy information protection.

At the company, they put a lot of attention on both developing and retaining the best talent. As a knowledge company that offers human-based services, investment in its team has a positive and direct impact on its capacity to add value to customers.

Gowri Shankar Subramanian is the Chief Executive Officer of Aspire. He is also the Co-Founder. Under his unique leadership, the company has grown to a team of over four thousand people with an important presence across Europe, US, India and Middle East. The company has been ranked among the 100 best employers in India for 12 years in a row by Great Place to Work Institute and The Economic Times. It has also been included several times among Deloitte's fastest-growing companies list in Asia-Pacific and in India. Gowri is an active speaker and has participated in several industry events. He has also been quoted extensively by some of the industry┬┤s leading publications.

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