is a professional IT team which is inexorably driven to improve software testing and overall quality. The firm is formed by an international team with several cultures and backgrounds yet with the shared desire to help make awesome software easier. They work along with the community in order to adequately understand roadblocks and obstacles in software quality and then cooperate with others to generate practical and innovative solutions.

The firm´s mission is to help teams build better software in a faster way, through cohesive, cohesive and innovative test tools. Its vision implies becoming the most used software quality platform worldwide, providing crucial testing tools for software teams of all sizes.

Its solutions imply providing testing solutions that help testing teams of all sizes, who may be at different levels of testing maturity. Its set of tools are able to help small teams start their automation processes, and then scale all the way up to multinational enterprises looking to leverage ML /AI in order to optimize and tune their quality processes.

The firm´s platform is open, which allows it to easy integrate to other products, being flexible to create tailor-made solutions for all software teams.

The firm has received several awards, such as the Top Automated Testing Software, granted by Capterra, or the Best Test Automation Software of 2020, granted by Gartner. Also, SoftwareWorld has included the firm´s product as a Top 10 Automated Testing Software, and IT has included it as a Top 5 API Testing Tools Solutions in 2020.

It is worth mentioning that the Katalon Solution Partner Program is widely open to all kinds of organizations that provide software testing, application development, software quality engineering and DevOps transformation services. This program offers a wide array of benefits via a transparent and simple framework that allows partners to easily offer Katalon's top test automation solutions to their customers.

This include network augmentation, which allows brands to be expanded by being exposed to Katalon's thriving community and network, along with other Katalon partners. Partners can also get access to collateral products, from product demonstrations and evaluations, to technical support. They can also generate great business opportunities through cross-marketing activities with the firm, such as press releases, webinars, newsletters, emails and more.

On the other hand, what is known as the Katalon Technology Partner Program is widely open to ISVs within the DevOps software space. This way, the Katalon's Technology partner can integrate with all Katalon products in order to improve their joint customers' experience.

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