CloudQA was created back in 2014, initially as an experimental project with the goal of primarily automating the testing processes of large and complex web apps. At that time, the founders were trying to find a way to adequately address enterprise level feature breaches in open-source software such as Selenium, and counter perplexing and expensive vendor solutions. At that time, they and many people in the software testing community were facing these issues. Because of the lack of affordable and usable tools, and the repetitive nature of regression testing, the professionals decided to leverage their unique cloud development skills and developed a completely integrated tool fully optimized for web applications. Currently, CloudQA is a complete-featured QA automation platform absolutely loved by all its customers.

The company was founded by Sumant Mehta and Arun Kulkarni. In 2010, Mehta left a comfortable and successful career in New York City, and decided to go to India, where he started his journey as an entrepreneur. He started the company Statnetics, which had a focus on software product strategic client migration and re-engineering to cloud services. After successfully launching CloudQA, he moved back to the United States in 2015. His primary focus is both on sales and marketing activities, and on product development as well. Before CloudQA, Mehta worked as Senior Vice President within the Global Strategy Planning area at CitiGroup. He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT realm, advising senior-level business executives on IT strategy and in charge of delivering highly complex business solutions at several financial services companies such as BGI, Capco, Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs.

Arun Kulkarni is an experienced IT professional with broad international experience in IT consulting, managing high performance teams and delivery management across multicultural environments. He is highly passionate about solving all kinds of business issues with technology. His main focus is customer success and product development at CloudQA. He over 13 years of experience in managing big scale strategic business transformation projects for global fortune 500 companies. He specializes in business process re-engineering, global program management, software engineering processes and solution architecture.

Although there are many reasons why you should consider CloudQA, there are five that can be considered the main ones, which are the following: it is a fully Integrated QA Automation Tool, it needs Minimal Setup and has a Quick Deployment, it is Optimized for Web applications, it provides the Most Comprehensive Testing, and it is the Price Performance Leader.

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