Is a great tool that allows companies to execute, automate and validate software through the best testing practices. The tool is powered by Cygnet Infotech, an IT company with offices in USA, South Africa, India and Australia.

The tool is the result of Cygnet's years of experience in Software Testing and QA, which answers companies' need for an affordable and effective test automation solution.

TestingWhiz was conceived to help small, midsized and large-scale software firms as well as individual test developers and engineers, and QA analysts, who want to move to the next level of hassle-free test automation of mobile, mobile and cloud applications.

With TestingWhiz, test developers and engineers can efficiently automate regression, functional and database testing of applications leveraging its intelligent and out-of-the-box features such as data driven testing, keyword-driven testing, excel inputs, image comparison, cross-browser testing, object recorder, Java scripting and language translation.

In short, TestingWhiz is a Codeless Automation Testing Tool for Web, Software, Mobile, Cloud, Database, Web Services and API testing. It is based on a solid architecture combined with intuitive Automation Engine, and it has an extremely short learning curve that allows you to easily take your test automation to the next level.

Among its solutions, it can help you with Automate Regression Testing, which helps you automate regression testing by only recording the test stages and reusing them with small modifications in the codeless test editor.

Regarding Automate Web Application Testing, it allows you to automate functional and UI to verify the critical operative of your web applications and deliver effective and efficient web interfaces that meet user expectations.

When it comes to Automate Cross-Browser Testing, it is great to perform automated browser testing of your applications, and it adequately supported for several browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Regarding Automate Database Testing, it allows you to test application's database in several ways, supported by database test automation, enabling you to test the app core and not only the front-end.

When it comes to Automate Web Services Testing, it is great to help you perform automated web services testing that allow you to adequately verify whether the web services access data and communicate from web as defined with support for RESTful and SOAP web services.

Last but not least, regarding Automate Mobile Application Testing, it allows you to adequately execute testing of your hybrid or native mobile web apps on simulators and real mobile devices with automated mobile testing solution.

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