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The participation of a quality team (QA) during the phases of the product development process is considered essential in order to offer the best product to the customer. Defective software can cause loss of business, so bug detection before delivery or production is vital.

The software creation process has several phases. From design to production, it constantly evolves. Normally, there is a phase that doesn´t receive the attention it should. Despite the fact that testing´s importance and necessity is recognized, in many cases it is done wrong or simply not done at all.

At a high level, software testing is necessary to detect bugs in the software and to test whether the software meets customer requirements. This helps the development team fix bugs and deliver a good quality product, as there are several points in the software development process where human error can lead to software that does not meet customer requirements.

Software testing companies plan and carry out software tests on computers to check if the software works correctly. They identify mistake risks, detect errors and communicate them. They evaluate the general operation of the software and suggest different ways to improve it.

In many cases, the testing phase has been relegated to a final phase prior to release to production and with such a limited time that, in many cases, they cannot guarantee effective testing.

A software tester should be like the German shepherd dog breed. It is said that the German Shepherd is not the best at anything, but he is second best at everything. Extrapolating it to the IT world, in a project the tester must be the second person who knows the most about the project (immediately after the project manager), its architecture (after architects), its design (after designers) and its development (after developers). There is only one case in which the tester should be the one who knows the most about something, and that is testing. In addition to this, the tester must know how to express these mathematical terms in an easy and understood way.

Among the main objectives of software testing, we can find to detect and correct errors, to provide software quality and reliability, to ensure the correct functionality of the product, to avoid future mistakes, to facilitate decision-making, to meet business requirements and user satisfaction and to avoid the appearance of new defects in the future, that may affect the software.

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